We are a husband-wife team out of the little town of Lititz, PA, overly enthusiastic dog parents, pickle lovers, NETFLIX binge-watchers, and Medieval nerds. We believe that each love story is its own and should be painted that way, artfully behind the lens. Paintings resonate feelings of emotion, of color, which is what makes fine art so beautiful. Hidden elegance must be brought to light with an artistic eye; that's where we come in. We're Bobbi Photography and we can't wait to paint your next chapter! 

Fine Art Photographers.


Flower lover, my mean marsala recipe, flowy dresses, jacket obsessed, blazer queen, my wild mane (what they call hair), and being born in the wrong decade—I'm an old soul. 

what I'm known for:

There just simply isn't enough time in this crazy short life to not laugh, smile, and make the most of every memory. Perhaps that's why we live for images that showcase that. Your emotions are what brings our photography to life. Looking back you won't remember an image from the pose that you made, but rather how you felt in that moment. When Jac's not working 18 hour days, juggling a full time job, + her two side gigs, Jac believe that the perfect recipe for winding down is NETFLIX-ING on the couch with her main man, their fur baby, and a hot cup of brown rice ramen to chow down on.  

I'm a suburban gal, mildly obsessed with everything dainty, Stevie Nicks, & home made ramen noodles. 

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Small town guy, seriously dedicated dog-dad, v-necks in every possible color, Marky-Mark look alike, meat-lover, craft brews or busch lights in hand, and an 80's guy stuck in a Millennial world. 

what I'm known for:

C.J. will one day be cruising down the road in his souped up Mustang Shelby, pulling into a gym or restaurant that he owns. A GIANTS fan with a witty personality, C.J. balances his full time job, being on two sports leagues, and carefully crafting behind the lens on weekends. Though, don't let his hard-working exterior fool you, upon meeting C.J. you'll meet the most kind-hearted, smart, and sarcastically funny guy around. Though he doesn't like to admit it, his eye for fine art captured in still form is uncanny.

A country boy with a serious gym addiction, who would love a lifetime supply of pepperoni pizza combos and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches.


We mean it when we say we know a thing or two about romance, but even more so we know about treating you like family. Connecting with you will come naturally. Not only because we get and care about your moments, but also because we want you to experience us having your back every step of the way.  

We treat you like family.

what makes us different

"You were born an original, don't die a copy"


Because She Said "Yes!"


Little things that take up so much room in our hearts



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Wedding collections begin at $1600
Engagement collections begin at $350
Maternity collections begin at $350
Family collections begin at $350
Portrait collections begin at $250

If you're still here, you're our kind of people! And you're most likely into love, romance, and all the feels, just as much, maybe even more than we are! There is so much that lies in store for you + that process begins with knowing that your story, whatever that may be, is carefully and thoughtfully curated. Some call it a photoshoot, some call it standing in front of the lens, some call it a magic session, some call it a bonding experience. We call it, Yours. 

We're going to get along great!

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When my husband and I received our photos and reviewed the gallery, it was like completely reliving our wedding all over again. Jac and CJ could not have made us feel more comfortable while we were outside of our comfort zone. We are so thankful for their artistic talents as we will have these photographs for the rest of our lives.

"Jac and CJ captured our wedding beyond our wildest dreams!"

Hannah and Justin

kind words

After finishing a fun engagement shoot and seeing some of the photos, all I can think is WOW! My fiance and I are absolutely floored by the quality of the photos, and the intuition Jac has for photo opportunities. Places where I just didn't see the potential Jac knew there was a great shot hidden, and she got it - every time!

Jac is a wonderful person and an outstanding photographer. She has my full endorsement, and if you make the smart decision to go with her, I'm sure she'll have yours, too.

"All I can think is WOW!"

Rachel and David

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